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Sunday, June 11

Allah's plan

I never really saw myself loving anyone. I coundnt even love myself. I never felt connected to anyone, even as I got older, even though I had my fair share of lovers. I just couldnt find that connection. I felt isolated. I felt like I didnt belong, and as hard as I tried to get close to someone, I just never could. I wont deny I hurt a few people in along the way, but I could not, for the life of me feel like I could be with anyone. I felt alone and I just didnt want to hurt anyone else, including myself. So I gave up, and for sometime I was doing fine on my own then came you. And you flipped my whole world upside down. You taught me how to love in a way I never imagine I was capable of loving. With you, I felt a connection, not only with you but I felt connected to everything around me. You gave me a sense of purpose. You made me feel alive. From our random road trip, to a simple night looking at the stars. Because of yo, I saw life with color.

Perhaps, things would be nicer if we dont meet each other and greet one another at the first time, right? But who am I wants to complained everything had planned?
But Allah's plan is unexpected. And now, let us just go with the flow. May everything fall beautifully in its place.

Love, qiela

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